Sunday 10 April 2016

Kings Place

Had a bit of a struggle to get the angles here, something goes awry between the lower and upper levels and straight lines appear to elude me! Again I was reminded to maybe not take on such a wide view when we only have 2 hour sessions... Useful exercise though.

Tuesday 5 April 2016


The little Kings Cross pub our drawing group ended up in here was impressively well occupied for a Tuesday evening. All the menfolk were having a good blether at the bar while the women were enjoying a game of darts. Once the ten of us sketchers had settled down with our half-pints and pencils I'd like to think they forget all about us being there - but we did look a biiiit conspicuous.

Royal Festival Hall 1

I joined an evening drawing class called 'Nocturnal Interiors' with the Royal Drawing School. I wanted to get back to a routine of drawing in my sketchbook (as opposed to digitally) and more from life. The course is over now but I'm only just computerizing my work, so I'll plonk them up as I go.  The theme is about architectural spaces and the people that inhabit them. For the first session at the South Bank, tutor Johnny Dewe-Matthews got me to think about:

  • filling the page so the composition feels complete
  • think more about perspective and angles of the space
  • capturing people and their poses to tell a story
Having gotten quite covert about my sketching process, I found just having somebody look over my shoulder and prod me into doing things differently was a hugely beneficial change in approach, from the very first session.