Friday 22 December 2017

Christmas Cats

Decided that if Edward and Richard Bawden want to be soppy and draw cats at christmas, then I can too. Scritch scratched in ink with pen n nib. 

Monday 18 December 2017

Trolls scrubbing the VW

Another snapshot of the trolls I spent a weekend in Brighton with. Here they are in their shorts and wellies on a chilly October morning, spraying water around while I sit cosy in the van in my pyjamas.

Festive Daylight Music @ Union Chapel

Finally got myself to this concert called Daylight Music, held on Saturday afternoons in Islington's Union Chapel, with a different label / musicians featured each time. It was smashing having light to be able to draw at a gig, and even better because the choir was wearing all their fanciest chrimble knitwear. I think Fake Laugh with his poignant piano plinking was my favourite of the day, from a really top notch bill.